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About Head Connect

organizational psychologists based in Scandinavia

Development of teams and organizations

With over 20 years of experience as organizational psychologists, the Hovind brothers established Head Connect in 2015 to create innovative solutions for the development of teams, individuals, and organizations. Together, we have developed methods, models, and tools that are incredibly effective and engaging.

Head Connect is a global provider of cultural change programs, enhanced leadership capacity on all levels and the people side of change – anchoring the strategic ambitions in the way leaders think, feel and act

Head Connect deliver complex programs with our global network (20+ consultants) and experienced business school professors from INSEAD, IMD, Harvard and London Business School. Through our programs, alignment is created throughout the management system around ambitions and goals. The individual manager is helped to specify which strategic priorities are to be focused on. We call it “Leadership by design” where the individual leader gets templates and models to work in, which immediately creates an anchor in the strategic ambition. This top-down based process is complemented by processes that create alignment across the business, as it is often here that competing goals and understandings create conflicts and bottlenecks. Finally, the leaders need help and support to develop their team’s capabilities and own skill set. This process includes both classic course elements and new, organizational grips such as “organized talks” and “heart-beat teams”. Of course, we also use HabitDrivers to change habits, both for teams and individuals.

Finally, we contribute with our help in change processes, just as coaching at all management levels is part of the range of exciting tasks we undertake.

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