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Is it difficult to keep the customer in focus? Does silo mentality stand in the way of good collaboration and better results? Do you spend too much time in meetings without decisions and progress? Can unsatisfactory performance be handled better? Are problems escalating and are middle managers too busy to focus on the most important things? If some of these issues resonate, it might be a good time to reinvigorate leadership in the organisation and enable leaders and employees to take charge of their destiny. This can be done in many shapes and forms; our program is called Leading Strategy. 

‘Leading Strategy’ is based on our long experience with training and development of leaders and employees. We have developed a model that both strengthens the competencies of the individual and at the same time creates results for the business. ‘Leading Strategy’ is always rooted in the company’s strategic ambition.

Some organizations are constantly adjusting their organization and need leadership that quickly adapts to changing circumstances. Here, we draw on sociocratic methods and tools where large parts of the organization are involved and trained to solve tasks and issues in more efficient ways.

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Our development programs are rooted in the strategic ambition of the company. An important part is therefore initial interviews and engagement with the top management team – partly to anchor the development process and partly so that the top management gets a clear picture of what the development process requires of them.

It is often a challenge to translate ambitions and goals so that they become concrete enough and thereby actionable. Building on the overarching strategy we provide tools and support for every single leader to become crystal clear on their strategic priorities and deliverables. We provide the leader with models and applicable tools that helps them and their teams to focus and understand their task in the light of the strategic ambition. This process is complemented by dialogues that create common understanding across the organization, as it is often here that competing goals and understandings create conflicts and sub-optimization. We call this approach “Leadership by design”.

Finally, there is a need for leaders to get help and support to develop their team and their own skill set. This process includes both familiar themes and models as well as new elements such as “organized talks” and “heart-beat teams”. We use relevant personal profile tools such as Hogan, DiSC, and MBTI and use Habitdrivers to change and anchor new habits, both for teams and individuals.

When we work with concrete changes, we supplement our methods with a mapping of who in the organization that others are listening to. Who do you go to when you need input or support? Typically, 3% of the company’s employees have good contact with 80% of all employees. When we know who the 3% are, they become involved as the organization’s voice in dialogue with the management. In this way, the company is helped to focus on the problems that are perceived as the most important to solve in the organization.

In organizations that are matrix-organized or work with agile approaches, we use sociocratic methods and models to create a culture that actually supports this organization. It is about balancing involvement and progress, and it requires fundamentally changed meeting structures, decision-making processes, and management understanding. These methods are accessible and well-described and “common sense” – but unfortunately not “common practice”.

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Courses and programs right now

Executive Leadership Program in Himalaya

This year, we are once again conducting a global program for experienced leaders in the Himalayas. It is a deeply personal, unique, and exclusive program for managers who have solid experience, education, and training in management. Together with the participants, we work to create deeper insights and new realizations that fundamentally change the perspective on the leader’s life and work.

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Virtual course for new leaders

We have developed an engaging and effective course designed for new leaders that can be implemented in its entirety virtually. The participants are from the same company, so in addition to introduction and training in the management profession, a strong and secure network is built for the new leader. The themes that we work with are both about personal leadership, team management, and the role as a leader in relation to both operations and development.

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