Head Connect

Virtual course for new leaders

Virtual course for new leaders

Head Connect creates customized programs for new leaders. The program is designed to equip new leaders in the transition from professional experts to leaders.

The program is deeply rooted in the leaders of the participants, who play an active and significant role in the success of this program. In addition, the participants’ teams are involved early on through the use of Habitdrivers, so that the leader’s personal development is anchored and shared with the leader’s team. This implies that the new leader from the very start of their leadership career is able to role-model constructive, self-reflective and open development dialogues with their team.

At the same time, the new leader is building a strong network and a deep understanding of the broader scope of the organization. This helps building a comprehensive understanding of the business as well as training fundamental skills and behaviors.

The specific content can be adapted to the values and management model that applies to the company for which the program is implemented.