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Sustainable Habits

Our habits as individuals and as teams become our destiny. Habits are important and challenging to change. That is why we have developed a web-based tool – HabitDrivers – that creates focus over time and connects teams and colleagues about the development they want to achieve. We call it creating sustainable habits. The academic starting point is neuropsychology, social psychological insights about unconscious assumptions, and biases as well as team psychology.

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HabitDrivers helps managers and employees act on good intentions and is based on 4 key principles:

  1. Development areas must always be identified with others. If you – or your team – need to develop new habits, it’s because it will help those you work with.
  2. You can only focus on changing one habit at a time. “Less is really more” when it comes to making new habits work.
  3. Your new habit should be as small and easy to perform as possible to give an effect at the same time. We call it a “nano behavior”. When the new habit is small and easy to carry out, your habit change becomes independent of your motivation.
  4. Your habit change needs to be reinforced by those you work with. Your colleagues should be co-responsible for giving you positive feedback on your new habit.

Based on these principles, we have created two versions of HabitDrivers:

  • HabitDrivers for Teams, based on Patrick Lencioni’s team model.
  • HabitDrivers for Individuals, based on the five-factor model in personality psychology (which, among other things, is the basis for personality analyzes such as Hogan and Neo-Pir).

HabitDrivers is thus a web-based tool where you via input from others ensure a common awareness of a development point over a period of 4-8 weeks. It takes a maximum of one minute a week to use the tool, so the most important thing is still the dialogue between people.

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