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Organizational Psychologists

Leadership and Living Organizations

We do everything we can to ensure that the leaders and teams we work with succeed. Our own experience as leaders has taught us to be pragmatic and make sure that everything we do has to create value for you. We use a combination of face-to-face meetings and virtual settings to create as much value as possible in the least possible time.

We are extremely dedicated and systematic when it comes to development of teams and organizations. Due to our training as organizational psychologists with 20+ years of experience we have the professional capability needed to support even delicate challenges.

Over the years, we have built a global network of consultants who are trained in our way of working: to develop leaders and teams while they solve specific business challenges. As our tasks are often international, we involve our network when relevant.

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Sustainable habits at work

Closing the intention-action gap

Development and lasting change of habits require attention, focus, and perseverance – and that we help each other. That is why we have developed “HabitDrivers” – a web-based tool that creates focus and connects teams and colleagues regarding the development they want to achieve.

HabitDrivers help to define and anchor new habits and forms of collaboration that work and last. We call it sustainable habits. The academic background stems from neuropsychology and socialpsychological insights regarding unconscious assumptions and biases, but also from team psychology.

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