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Executive Leadership Program in Himalaya

Executive Leadership Program in Himalaya

“Mt. Everest Executive Leadership Program” will take place in November 2022. Headline for the program is: Leading with Presence and Purpose – Leaving a Legacy.

This internationally renowned Himalayan personal leadership development program is building an unprecedented depth in your personal leadership. We work on the following objectives:

1: Leading with presence
The program focuses on the essence of leadership and how you increase your ability to motivate and empower others to perform. The point of departure is your personal development as an authentic leader. We will increase awareness of individual characteristics and authenticity that fosters trust, inspiration, and organizational performance.

2: Leading with purpose
Re-articulate your leadership purpose and find the courage to live it as a pathway to exceptional leadership, greater well-being, and a legacy.

3: Leaving a Legacy
Sustain the practice by building the routines, and peer network to support self-discovery and insight generation. Peers will become “life- witnesses” in your of pursuit of making a difference and building a legacy.

It is a program for proven executives. Further information on dates, flow, and fees can be found here: https://lnkd.in/ePVAmN7H

The leadership development program in the Himalayas is the ultimate development opportunity for experienced leaders. We can adapt and apply methods and models from the Himalayan leadership development program in other and more accessible parts of the world such as Norway, Spain, and Africa. We typically do this for teams or groups of managers from the same company where it is crucial that the program is of shorter duration.